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At Caper, we strive to offer you the finest dining experience in Bangkok, blending delectable cuisine with warm hospitality. We firmly believe that even in a casual setting, attentive service makes all the difference. Our food menu is designed for comfort and simplicity, yet our commitment to detail ensures a thoughtful and enjoyable dining experience. With high-quality offerings in food, drinks, and service, Caper becomes your ideal spot for a frequent dining escape. As a neighborhood restaurant, we warmly welcome walk-ins anytime!

Caper's Roasted Morrel Mushroom Pasta dish




skip or dance about in a lively or playful way.

Discover Caper by Dan Bark, the neighborhood spot where casual dining meets vibrant ambiance. Dive into Chef Dan's Comfort Modern American Cuisine, designed for sharing cherished moments over handcrafted cocktails and curated wines by our Beverage Director, Chris Simon.

Caper's Art-deco style inspired bar


Our dining room and bar draw inspiration from the 1920’s art deco style, focusing on sleek shapes, deliberate angles, and geometric flair. Picture the velvety red couches adding a touch of luxury to an ambiance that's equal parts elegant and casual. Nestled beside our sister restaurant, Cadence by Dan Bark, our interior sets the stage for a dining experience that's all about sophistication with a fun and relaxed vibe.

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